I love Latin music. I can’t help but dance when I hear it.

You have to dance to it…it’s like a rule, or something!

I also love Ricky Martin. One day I’ll post about the time I got front row seats for his Livin’ la Vida Loca Tour in Toronto back in 2000. It was more than amazing.

I have quite an extensive collection of Latin artists in my music collection. And while I don’t think Jennifer Lopez would be considered primarily a Latin artist, or even a “cross-over” artist for that matter; I do think she is immensely talented.

So it caught my attention the other day when a friend of mine shared this song on Facebook, and I noticed Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez’s name at the features on this song.

I don’t know who Wisin is, but it’s easy to see that he kind of reminds me of Pitbull.

Regardless of who this guy is, this song is catchy and has a great beat. And while I may not understand ALL the words in the song, I usually can get the gist of it. And I would like to say that when Ricky sings “Un beso tuyo es como mi medicina” I know it means a kiss from you is like my medicine (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

Ahhhh, Ricky. How I’ve missed you.

The video is pretty hot! J.Lo looks amazing. And she is almost 45! And Ricky….well, Ricky looks confident. It’s amazing how far he’s come

I think that this little collaboration between Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin is long overdue! Thank Wisin for doing that.

Whoever you are!


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