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What a week!

This week has been great! It started off with me taking a trip to Legoland Discovery Centre, with my Little Bird and her class. It was the first class trip I’ve ever gone on and she was over the moon that I was going.

We rode on the bus ride, and I was responsible for the Little Bird and one of her friends. They had so much fun and play great together, so they were easy to be responsible for. We watched a 4D movie (and got sprinkled with “snow” (read: water), they had a building workshop, we went on a ride and they played with lots and lots of Lego!

It is a pretty cool place that is actually in our neighbourhood, so I’ll have to be sure to go again and bring the Little Mouse. All the kids had fun and they have areas for all ages.

The Little Mouse had a great time and actually thanked me for coming with her. It’s nice to have a little one-on-one time with her. I’ll have to try to do that more often!

I then get an invitation from the Little Mouse, for a Mother’s Day Tea at the daycare. I decided that I would make it work with my schedule, so I brought work home and worked through lunch and was able to leave a little early to attend.

I brought a nut-free snack (chocolate cookies) for her class to enjoy and showed up. The smile on her face made me melt!

The small tables were covered with colourful plastic tablecloths, and cup with colourful artificial flowers were placed in the centre. Each place setting had a napkin with a cookie, some chips and a mini cupcake. And an apple juice. It was the prettiest tea party I’ve ever seen.

I got to sit at the table beside her, as we ate our snacks and spoke to her friends. Okay, let’s be honest, she ate both the cupcakes, both our cookies and handed me one chip. But I got the apple juice, as she doesn’t drink juice. The teachers served fruit and tea and it was a lovely afternoon. As we cleaned up, the Little Mouse came over saying “Happy Mother’s Day” as she handed me a popsicle stick framed picture of herself. The picture says “I love you because…” and she is holding up a sign that says “I kiss you”.


And that right there was worth taking the time off to do.

I think what this week has taught me is to stop and smell the roses once in a while. I don’t need to make crazy plans, I just need to take a moment and spend more time with my kids. These two Little people mean the world to me.

And so did this week!

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