Happy Mother’s Day


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Motherhood is hard. Anyone who tells you any different is a liar!

However, any mother will tell you it is the most rewarding job on the planet.

So mothers, we have to stick together. Stop judging each other. Support one another. Share the guts and the glory.

With that in mind, I wanted to share my favourite things and moments about being a mother.

I love to wake up my kids. Wait, that sounds mean. I mean that there aren’t many times I get to do that, as it’s usually them waking us up, but when I get to wake them up and they wake up with a smile on their face, it melts me.

When we are out somewhere and they reach up for my hand, or when they help each other, even if it is the Little Mouse saying “be careful”, or the Little Bird fixing her sister’s shoes, I love it.

My kids are good kids and while we are always ensuring they are polite and well-behaved, when other people tell you that they are good, well-mannered and well-behaved, it’s nice to know you’re doing a good job.

I love to see the sense of pride they have when they do something good. Like when I found out that the Little Mouse received a recognition award for perseverance, she was so proud when she told me about going on stage to get the award. And when the Little Mouse tells us she has to go on the potty and she gets a sticker, she is so proud to have made it. These are the moments that leave me speechless, because I want them to feel happy and I proud of themselves for their accomplishments. Big and small.

Both of my girls can be chatterboxes. (I know, I don’t know where they got that from!?) So as we battle for airspace at the dinner table or in the car, I love it when they tell these elaborate stories from school or daycare or even retell a story from a movie. There will always be noise to battle throughout their lives, so never give up and make your voices heard!

As they both get older, their interests are started to rub off on each other. This means that the little one wants to do whatever the big one is doing. So when they find that moment of happy, where they are both sharing and making a world where Monster High Dolls and Lalaloopy Dolls can live together with no screaming and fighting, I’m in bliss.

Most of all, I love their hugs and their kisses, their laughs and their tears. The way the sing when they think nobody is listening and the way they dance when they think they are alone. The random letters and cards, pictures and stickers I get. I love how they want to look at my phone, even if it is to see all the pictures I have of them.

I want my kids to be happy and healthy and independent and strong and humble and wise. As they grow up there will be struggles and tears and fights and losses, but there will also be wins and tears (of happiness) and moments to remember.

My mother always used to say, “I can’t wait until you’re a mother,” so I could understand the things that I put her through. And now that I am, I sort of understand. Although something tells me she is referring to the teenage years and above. Either way, yes mom. It’s a tough job. And I’m sure that hormones and teenage angst don’t make it any easier…so I’m sorry for the trouble I put you through. I never meant to drive you to the brinks of insanity on purpose!

And I’ll just start telling myself that about my own kids now…because something tells me that I’ll be on the edge in my future too. But I will try to remember all these little moments and smile.

I hope you do too.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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