In the cup?!

My Little Bird had her annual check-up and seemed pretty okay with it. She likes to have advance warning if her schedule is changing, so I let her know the night before that we were not going to school until after the appointment.

On our way there that morning, she was her usual chatty self, until I was just about to turn into the driveway, when she asked me, “am I getting a shot today?”

I told her I wasn’t sure.

“I don’t want a shot,” she said quietly.

I tried to distract her, by telling her that we were going to see how much she grew. But she was quiet, and I know worried about if she would be getting a needle at the end of the checkup.

A needle probably would have been easier for her (and me) to handle, versus what came next.

We signed in and sat down, waiting for our names to be called. Instead, the receptionist called me back to the counter and handed me a little cup. I smirked, knowing that the Little Bird had never given a urine sample before and I was in for a challenge.


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I casually turned and told her to come with me and made my way to the ladies room. After going in and locking the door, I told her that she had to go to the bathroom.

“I don’t have to go,” she said.

“But you need to try, so I can put it in the cup.”

What transpired next had me in tears, because she didn’t understand why she had to do this. And therefore wouldn’t relax enough to actually do it.

After about 15 minutes, she finally went, and as we came out of the washroom, cup in (my) hand, the nurse escorted us to the room to weigh and measure her. She was in a fit of giggles watching me carry this cup around, and when the nurse asked why she was laughing, I told her because it was the first time this happened (pointing to the cup). The nurse laughed and said, “oh sweetheart, get used to it. It’ll happen for the rest of your life.”

Her examination went well. Everything is good and I’m happy. There were no needles at the end of this appointment.

She didn’t think about that anymore, of course. Instead, she couldn’t stop thinking about that cup. In the car, she asked me again, why she had to do that. “Well,” I said. “The doctor has to check your pee-pee to make sure everything is okay.”

Well that did it. She couldn’t even speak she was laughing so hard. She repeated what I said, laughing and shaking her head that that was the craziest thing she ever heard.

And it is. For a six year old.

But the nurse is right. Get used to it sweetheart, it’ll happen for the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to see the reactions to puberty.

{God, help me}

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  1. Now THAT is a cute story, Bless her little heart. Hey there!! I hope you are enjoying your SPRING !!! We are well and getting ready for family from England!!! Lots of trips planned for the summer. border of Canada to the border of Mexico, we did it last year and it was a blast. Love to you and your family.XXXXXX

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  2. Sorry honey, please pass this to your MOM ! She will totally get it. Hope this is a good day for you and your beautiful family

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