Raising girls

I am trying to raise my girls to respect themselves. I believe girls should be afforded the same opportunities as boys, and don’t believe they should have to adjust, change or pretend anything to have those opportunities. I think I’ve had a very blessed life. Like our parents before us, my husband and I do … More Raising girls

All About that Bass

I came across this song the other day and it hasn’t left my head. It’s not only because the doo-wop beat is catchy – because it is. But this song has a great message. It is a message that we need to spread, because as a mother of two girls, the idea of my body … More All About that Bass

In the cup?!

My Little Bird had her annual check-up and seemed pretty okay with it. She likes to have advance warning if her schedule is changing, so I let her know the night before that we were not going to school until after the appointment. On our way there that morning, she was her usual chatty self, … More In the cup?!

Happy memories for International Women’s Day

I had never heard of International Women’s Day until I was 16. I don’t think it was ever spoken about, and it certainly wasn’t ever celebrated. I was on a school trip to Italy and we were in the beautiful city of Florence when I saw women everywhere walking arm in arm, chanting “auguri” or … More Happy memories for International Women’s Day