All About that Bass

I came across this song the other day and it hasn’t left my head. It’s not only because the doo-wop beat is catchy – because it is. But this song has a great message. It is a message that we need to spread, because as a mother of two girls, the idea of my body image and self-worth, scares the crap out of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know they will look in the mirror and wish something was different, we all do it. But I don’t want them to base their happiness on that change. I don’t want them to be judged, shamed, picked on or discriminated against for the tag on their clothes, the size of their bra or the number on the scale.

I want them to be confident, strong and smart. I want them to be kind, understanding and empathetic. I want them to work hard, stand up for themselves and for others and not be afraid to speak up.

That will make them beautiful.

We need to stop caring what size people are. Big or small. Who cares?! It is so infuriating that the first thing out of somebody’s mouth is, “wow, they gained weight!” or “she’s too skinny”. We are a culture obsessed with weight. We are a society struggling for an image that is unachievable by the majority.

We can easily blame the media, the magazines and so forth, but with social media people have no problems sounding off their opinions. In fact, just this morning, I read about the backlash the Gap received for using a naturally thin model in one of their marketing campaigns, and people were not nice. Of course the veil of a Twitter handle gives people courage to say mean things, but in the end, whether you are calling somebody too fat or too skinny, isn’t it the same thing?

When will it end? I have to hope there will be a shift in priority, and end in judgment, or I may just lock my kids up forever. To protect them from the harsh words that will cut them, and leave them forever changed when they see their reflection.

In the meantime, I hope that there are more songs like this one from Meghan Trainor. All About That Bass is a song about body acceptance and I hope will be the new girl anthem.

You “bring that booty back”, girl. The message, the song and the video is amazing.



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