Life of the party: Music Monday

This past weekend, this song seemed to be on every channel. Both my girls sang the words from the back seat along with me. As I sat at red light, I listened to the Little Bird belt it out and I heard the song in a different light.

She just earned her second stripe in karate last week, but was in a foul mood Saturday morning, and didn’t want to go to class. Her teachers noticed her demeanor and through class kept their eyes on her, making her laugh and ultimately she shed the bad mood for a good one.

She also got pulled aside at the end of class, with two other boys to tell her that they were proud of her for being respectful and quite while some other kids fooled around during a talk on bullying and stranger danger.

She was proud of herself.

I was proud of her too.

Back to the red light and as I listened to the words from this song, it seemed to really seemed to fit that moment in time.

I love it when music does that.

Shawn Mendes’ Life of the Party is a song that I initially brushed off as a teen love song. However it has since made itself into a positive affirmation for my girls.

Dance like there’s nobody there…

Don’t be afraid…

Take your shot. It might be scary…

We don’t have to be ordinary…

We don’t have the time to be sorry…

So baby, be the life of the party…

There’s no one standing in your way…


Happy Monday!



2 responses to “Life of the party: Music Monday”

  1. Don’t you love this? All you have to do is see something, hear something, read something from your child’s perspective, and it changes everything.

    This says volumes not only about the child who sees it, but for the parent who notices when it happens.


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