Little Drummer Boy: Music Monday

It’s that time of year! And it seems to have taken me a while to get into the holiday spirit. Our tree has been up since the third week of November, and the lights were hung outside a week later. We even got an Elf on the Shelf this year. A girl elf, that my little one’s named Snowflake.

The new advent calendar is in full swing, the kind where mommy has to remember to put something behind the little door every day. Of course, the kids loving their surprises, sometimes chocolate, sometimes a little toy. It’s been cold, snowed a lot and we’re preparing for two Christmas concerts at two different locations on the same night!

However I found myself switching the radio as fast as I could when a Christmas song played.

This past weekend, I seem to have been bitten by the holiday bug.

I [finally] transferred old video tapes over so they are free and captured for this years’ memories. I wrapped a couple of presents and I baked.

I think that’s my magic potion. I love to bake and I made a couple of cookies to get ready for the holidays. We were also having a friend over, so I made one of my favourite holiday recipes, what I call the Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cookies and I tried my hand at Angeletti, a crumbly cookie bite with vanilla glaze and sprinkles that were a staple of my Nonna Angela’s kitchen.

I think the only thing I missed yesterday were a few carols on the radio.

I hope you’ve found your spirit, since Christmas is but 10 day away!

Today’s Music Monday pic is one of my favourite songs, Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix. If you’ve never heard their a cappella vocals, I encourage you to listen to them. They are amazing.

Happy Monday!


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