Lost and Found

Years ago, when I worked in downtown Toronto for a large financial institution, I used to commute. Before I got married, that commute was about an hour by train, and after I got married and moved just north of the city, that commute was about cut in half. No matter how long I was on that GO Train, my saving grace was my iPod.

I could drown out the sounds of people talking; the sniffling and other gross bodily noises that I didn’t want to hear, and it helped me to relax. I put it away after having the Little Bird, as I certainly didn’t need an iPod on my maternity leave. And then we moved from my in-law’s house to our own, and well, I haven’t seen it since.

I lost my job as my first mat leave was coming to an end, and then found a job much closer to home, so I haven’t taken public transportation ever since.

Yesterday, I was going through a drawer in my hall credenza and guess what I found!?

My beloved iPod!

It made me so happy. After I charged it, I tried connecting it to my computer, but sadly, I had to restore it, which meant I would lose all my old music.

I decided to see if there was another way save the music, so I called iTunes support. I laughed when hearing the automated options and realized that my iPod wasn’t one of them. I spoke to a nice lady who needed my serial number in order to even know what device I was trying to call about. And then she told me that my device’s AppleCare warranty had expired some two-thousand-plus-days ago!

I laughed and told her I didn’t need repair, I just needed help to sync it. So she walked me through it, confirming I would probably lose my old stuff, since I didn’t have that account anymore. So sadly, I synced it, said goodbye to the collection I once had.


My new collection (if that’s what you want to call it) looked sad with six songs, so thought I’d buy a couple things that I know the kids liked, and maybe we could play it in the car. So I downloaded Omi’s Cheerleader, Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again and last week’s Music Monday song from Major Lazer. I also found a couple of full albums, including British boy band The Vamps (a band they play on Family Channel all the time, that the girls seem to like) and Taylor Swift’s 1989.

The only tunes for me so far, are a few of Ricky Martin’s newer English songs that weren’t on his latest album. But I’ll continue working on my collection, and get it back to what it once was.

Until then, happy Monday! Here’s Bad Blood, one of the latest songs the kids like to belt out from the back seat!

Welcome back to my life, iPod. It’s good to have you back.

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