Music Monday: Lean On

Summer is meant for rolling the car windows down, and pumping the tunes. My kids love it when we put the music up and drive, wind flowing through their hair. It’s cute to watch.

The Little Bird loves when a “mix” is on the radio, when the DJ does a set of songs that blend into each other, or are mixed together. I’ll admit, I love a good mix and mash-up, but the Little Mouse gets frustrated if she can’t hear the whole song.

Especially if it’s a song that she likes.

Lately, they all have an opinion of what they like, what we should like and what song gets the coveted “put it louder” request.

Lately, from the moment this is the song we’re all humming. Even the Little Mouse knows the words to Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s Lean On (Feat. MØ), and with its catchy beat and colourful video, it gets the “put it louder” treatment in my car.

Happy Monday!

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