Life’s speed track

Life has thrown a few curve balls in the last little while, and as I am trying to find my footing and navigate my way through it, I feel the need to apologize for not being present on my own blog.

I’ll spare you the details, but I have come to realize that I can’t do it all. Something has to give, and unfortunately, it’s this little space of mine that lost the battle of prioritization. Life’s speed track is a lot faster than I anticipated.

But I’m back and hopefully will be able to fit it all in. Have patience with me, followers. I have not forgotten about you, and there is always a story nagging my brain to get out.

What’s been going on with me?

A lot.

My journey to a health me

I’m down 23.4 pounds! I’m happy about that. I have officially changed my lifestyle, and stopped snacking after dinner. Now, we’re on operation find the time to workout more. Which is easier said, than done.

Grade 1 and Orange Belts

[insert tears here]

The Little Bird has come such a long way and I’m so proud of her. As grade 1 comes to an end, she has learned to problem solve and express herself in a calm and clear way and is blossoming into a young lady. I’m not ready for it, but it’s happening.

She makes faces on the ‘little kid rides’ at Canada’s Wonderland, preferring to go on the Ghoster Coaster, or The Rage (the big boat). But she has to keep her little sister company sometimes, so she goes on and her only way to protest it is to keep a straight face. No screaming, no laughing and no hands up in the air!

I think it’s adorable.

Showing off her new orange belt!

She also worked really hard in karate and has recently earned her orange belt! She is pretty proud of herself, as she should be, and is expressing a renewed interest in going to the classes. With this new rank, she is able to participate in the sparring classes, complete with full gear, and she loved her first class, taking on a boy a little bigger than herself, she punched and even took him down. (In the regulated and safe way the students learn to do.

I love seeing the smile on her face when she knows she nailed the move correctly!

Keep it up!

The Little Bird graduated daycare.

[insert more tears here]

She shared her life dreams of becoming a teacher, expressed how she’ll miss her friends and teachers and is ready to have a real summer vacation like her sister. She was adorable singing her songs with her friends, and getting her diploma.

The beautiful backdrop and stage all set for the daycare’s class of 2015

The time is ticking by and she’ll be headed into JK come September. I know she’s very excited and looking forward to it. I’m happy that she’ll have a friend that she’ll know, as it will make things easier with a familiar face.

She is smart and sassy and definitely a kid who knows what she wants, so I’m curious to see how she’ll transition.

Way to go!

Pass the tissues

I’m a crier. And not the town kind. The sniffling, sobbing, wailing and mascara-running kind.

Those who know me are shaking their head, as this is not a revelation of any kind. But it’s something that I’ve now accepted.

Two sisters, hanging out and talking in the backyard

I know I’m going to cry when I see my Little Bird stand up in front of the whole school and do her reading during an assembly, because I’m so proud of her. I’m going to cry when I watch a slide show of pictures of the silly kids at play at daycare, seeing the Little Mouse in action. I even tear up sometimes when I watch them playing together in the backyard!

I cry.

A lot.

I remember growing up and making light of the tears my grandmother shed when she hugged us goodbye after a visit. I mean, we would be back the following week, so why was she crying.

But she did.

And now I do the exact same thing.

And I’m no longer apologizing for it. I just wipe my face, and smile away at my beautiful kids, who inspire, surprise and keep me on my toes every day.

Don’t Laugh at Me

During the Little Mouse’s graduation, the kids sang a few songs about kindergarten and You’ve got a friend in me from the Toy Story soundtrack. One of her teachers said that they had focused on bullying a while ago and read a book called Don’t Laugh at Me by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin. This anti-bullying book taught tolerance and explains that everyone is different, but nobody deserves to be laughed at.

The kids sang it and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

I am compelled to share this video with you, and hope you share it with the kids in your life. It’s beautiful and a message that we still need to teach, even in today’s day and age.

So get your tissues ready…especially if you are a crier like me.

You’ve been warned.

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