Life’s speed track

Life has thrown a few curve balls in the last little while, and as I am trying to find my footing and navigate my way through it, I feel the need to apologize for not being present on my own blog. I’ll spare you the details, but I have come to realize that I can’t … More Life’s speed track

Patience and progress

  It’s the time of year when things come to a head; the days are shorter, the cold is upon us and it’s time for teachers to send home the progress reports. The Little Bird has seemed very happy in grade 1. There have been no incidents, no phone calls and no notes home. She … More Patience and progress


I had a moment yesterday, where I found myself in disbelief that my little girl was growing up. And that moment happened when we received the package of her graduation pictures. Okay, it’s only Senior Kindergarten, but still, it’s a milestone. I know we dressed her for her picture day; I even got her haircut … More Milestones

Yay for being tidy!

As a parent, all I want for my kids is happiness and health. I want to keep them safe and set them off on the right foot for a successful future, both personally and professionally. While I have while before they will be choosing careers, developing a solid foundation now, at the start of their … More Yay for being tidy!