Yay for being tidy!

Good Job Way to Go

As a parent, all I want for my kids is happiness and health. I want to keep them safe and set them off on the right foot for a successful future, both personally and professionally. While I have while before they will be choosing careers, developing a solid foundation now, at the start of their school tenure can only help. And that includes good study habits, a love of reading and desire to learn, which I think I can sense in both my girls.

My kids are happy – most of the time. They are silly, full of energy and both like to chat away about anything and everything. They both seem to like daycare and school, respectively, have friends and like their teachers. What more can a mommy ask for?!

Yesterday I picked up my Little Bird from school and as we made our way home, I asked the same things I ask everyday:


“How was your day?”

“What did you do today?”

“Did you have fun today?”

“What did you learn?”


And I got the same answers:




“I don’t know.”



As my husband emptied her backpack, he pulled out a certificate:

Certificate of Recognition for helping to keep the class tidy.


She was so proud!

And then my husband said that the Little Mouse also was a big help at daycare and she helped her teachers tidy up too!

High fives all around for my tidy girls! They were adorable, hugging each other for their successful days, dancing and singing “yay, yay, yay!”

Yay, yay indeed! While nobody is getting into university for being tidy, it is a skill that is best nurtured from a young age.

Coming from somebody who is not the neatest, I appreciate this skill and will do my best to ensure it isn’t something they grow out of!

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