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I had a moment yesterday, where I found myself in disbelief that my little girl was growing up. And that moment happened when we received the package of her graduation pictures.

Okay, it’s only Senior Kindergarten, but still, it’s a milestone.

I know we dressed her for her picture day; I even got her haircut a week before so it would look nice. We received the proofs and I ordered my package of pictures to hand out to proud grandparents and aunts and uncles, but when that package was sitting there, and there was her picture staring at me, it took my breath away.

In all its 8 x 10 glory, there she was in a little cap and gown, holding a scroll that reads diploma. She’s adorable and yet so grown up.

She turns six next month and I can’t help but wonder where the last six years went?!

It doesn’t help that we are in the middle of selling off and getting rid of all the baby stuff in our house. Soon we will dismantle the old nursery and turn it into an office, and so strange things are happening to my heart.

She is turning into a little lady, already showing signs of pre-tween behaviour, such as attitude, know-it-all-ness and the hardest one is that she doesn’t need us to help her as much anymore. And I’m glad she is an independent, more confident person. She is doing well in school and has a lot of friends.

As I type this, I feel so proud of her I could cry.

She still struggles with sharing her toys with her little sister, but something tells me that this will be a battle they will have for a long time to come. The toys will change to clothes and shoes, but from what I hear, this is a common trigger for sisters.

She loves the Little Mouse though, and she showed that last weekend when we attended a birthday party for one of her classmates. The mother of the birthday boy works at the school, and invited not only the kids from the class, but encouraged me to bring my little one. So when I told the Little Bird that her sister was going to come too, she was excited. And while at the party, she stopped playing with her friends a few times to check on her sister to make sure she was okay.

She is a sensitive, caring and beautiful little girl, who graduates SK in three months.

Congrats to my graduate, you make mommy and daddy proud every day!

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