Getting closer

We’re getting closer. Closer to the day when we take the Little Mouse out of daycare for the last time and say goodbye to the teachers and friends she’s been surrounded by since she was a year old. Closer to the day when we buy her a new uniform, a new lunchbox and she starts … More Getting closer

Getting ready to take flight

The cutest little invitation came home the other day, addressed to mom and dad. We are invited to the Little Bird’s SK Graduation. [Queue tears] I know she is growing up; she reminds us every day that she isn’t a little girl anymore. But it’s crazy to think that it’s already here. It feels like … More Getting ready to take flight


I had a moment yesterday, where I found myself in disbelief that my little girl was growing up. And that moment happened when we received the package of her graduation pictures. Okay, it’s only Senior Kindergarten, but still, it’s a milestone. I know we dressed her for her picture day; I even got her haircut … More Milestones