Getting ready to take flight

The cutest little invitation came home the other day, addressed to mom and dad. We are invited to the Little Bird’s SK Graduation.

[Queue tears]

I know she is growing up; she reminds us every day that she isn’t a little girl anymore. But it’s crazy to think that it’s already here. It feels like yesterday that we were preparing for JK.

So as we find the perfect dress to wear, and line up all the grandparents, we look forward to seeing her go up on stage, ready to show the world she is ready for all that Grade 1 has in store.

Dr Seuss quote


Stay tuned…next week I’ll recap the ceremony, how many (thousands) of pictures I take and how many tissues were used during the making of a Senior Kindergarten Graduation.

It’s your time to fly, Little Bird. And it’s going to be beautiful.


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