Getting closer


We’re getting closer.

Closer to the day when we take the Little Mouse out of daycare for the last time and say goodbye to the teachers and friends she’s been surrounded by since she was a year old. Closer to the day when we buy her a new uniform, a new lunchbox and she starts Junior Kindergarten.

Excuse me while I am conflicted between joy and sorrow!

Joy as she’s growing up, starting a new journey in her life.

Joy as mommy and daddy only have one drop off and pick up location!

Joy as the kids will be together in one place. While the Little Mouse will be in a separate playground until she’s in grade 1, it gives me comfort knowing that the Little Bird will be close by.

Joy because before and after care for two kids won’t cost as much as daycare for one kid.


And then there’s the sorrow part. You know, that part where my eyes well-up with tears knowing that she’s not a baby anymore. She’s going to “big school” and will become more independent.

Last week we attended the JK information night at the school and while the numbers are down, there will be a full class and a small class. I don’t know if our family will get lucky twice in a row, but I’m secretly hoping for the small class again.

The Little Bird did well with fewer numbers. She was heard and seen and while there will be a teacher and an ECE teacher in the bigger class, I loved the 15-1 ratio.

Whatever happens, happens. She already goes in at a bit of an advantage, as she is familiar with some of the staff at the Before and After School program. They all know and like her and already do their best to include her in snack and activities when she tags along for pick-up – and she doesn’t even go there yet! She also has a few friends, one from daycare and a couple other she has met that are siblings of the Little Bird’s friends. So there will be some friendly faces.

We went in completely blind with the Little Bird.

It doesn’t mean I won’t cry. Because we all know that’ll happen for sure. But it does mean that I’m more comfortable this time around.

She’s going to be great.

I just can’t believe the time is almost here!

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