Three weeks & three minutes

While summer is officially here, and school is out for the Little Bird; daycare is not yet quite done for the Little Mouse.

And she’s not too happy about that.

Every morning, as I’m getting ready, she walks into the bathroom and asks in this little hopeful voice, “where am I going today, mommy?” And every morning I tell her the same thing, “daycare, sweetheart.”

And then it starts.

The tears. The whining. The crying. The stomping of the foot. “I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. To. Daycare.”

I usually chalk it up to hunger and ignore her, trying to divert her attention to the calendar of activities they have planned for the day and what she can look forward to. Like if it’s one of her friends’ birthdays, there will definitely be cake. If it’s water play day, she’ll get wet. If it’s Tuesday, she gets to do yoga.

This will be a regular occurrence very soon!

Sometimes the distraction works. Sometimes, not.

Now that school is over, it’s not working so well. And that’s because the Little Bird is going to spend the day with her cousins and the Little Mouse is pissed off that she’s left out.

She’ll get to go soon enough, but for now she has to finish going to daycare. She has three more weeks of daycare left. I even marked them on the calendar for her to see.

The other day when I went to pick her up, the teachers said she was sad. She talking about her sister and wanting to go somewhere with her, for almost the entire day. I explained the new summer schedule to the teachers, but it also doesn’t help that one of her closest little friends is also away for the summer.

That’s what happens when the parents work for the school board. But of course, my four-year old doesn’t get that.

My sister-in-law keeps telling us to just bring her, but we know it will be a lot. It’s too much with all of them together. GamerBoy is 11, Paxter is 6, the Little Bird is 7 and the Little Mouse is 4.

Do you know how much noise and trouble they get into when they are together?!

Do you know how much headache medication you would need to survive the day with them all together?!

Better her, than me, I guess!

For now, I’ll save her three more weeks of bliss. Well, as much bliss with only three versus four kids can be.

I know the Little Mouse will miss her friends at daycare when it’s over. And it’s good for her to be a little out of her comfort level a little and be forced to play with different kids. She’ll have to do that for school very soon. And her little friend, who is currently off for the summer, will be going to the same school, so she’ll see her again.

What this mommy is going to miss is the three minute drive to daycare.

You see, after dropping the Little Bird off at school in the morning, I would drop off the Little Mouse at daycare, and while it was only three minutes together, we used to talk about everything from the songs on the radio, to her friends and teachers, to what she wanted to play with at home when she was with her sister again.

These drives have come to an end, since the Little Bird gets dropped off last now at my sister-in-law’s house.

Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of one-on-one time with each of my girls, but I loved this little drive. She always brought some toy with her in the car and when we got to the daycare, I would take a picture of it, posed in some funny way in my car. (It’s become my favourite type of Instagram post). And she found it hilarious too!

11737000_10155994439370495_1149753591_n 11717301_10155994439965495_681204331_n 11717251_10155994439040495_1843397813_n 11741878_10155994439630495_45475608_n

So I’m going to miss those three minutes. And I hope she knows that I cherished each of them.

The summer is speeding by, and in what feels like three minutes she’ll be in school. Big school. With her big sister. I’ll only have one drop off and one pick-up, which will be glorious. Easier.

But sometimes easier comes at a price.

I can only hope that the Little Mouse enjoys her last three weeks at daycare and cherishes the friendships she made. I hope she enjoys her three weeks with the Brat Pack (her cousins) and my sister-in-law still wants to be my friend by the end of the summer!

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