Blogging has introduced me to many types of blogs and bloggers. These blogs and bloggers cover an array of topics and write about so many great things, that all I can do sometimes is admire them.

And follow them! And some of them follow me back!

I consider them colleagues; associates in the bad, bad world of blogging.

Alright, it’s not bad. It’s what we all have in common, which is passion. Passion for sharing our stories and our words, our journey and our struggles. And the good times.

Coach Daddy is one of those bloggers, and he reached out to me to ask me to contribute to one of his world famous 6 words posts.

I was honoured.

Then I freaked out a little, because how could I answer his request in only 6 words?!

Well I did it, and I think the whole post is fabulous. Please check out his post Our Requests for Kindness, in 6 Words and give him a follow. He’ll make you laugh and wonder with his words. And I particularly love all the storm trooper images he uses with his posts!

Thanks again, Coach Daddy for including me on your post today.

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