Blogging has introduced me to many types of blogs and bloggers. These blogs and bloggers cover an array of topics and write about so many great things, that all I can do sometimes is admire them. And follow them! And some of them follow me back! I consider them colleagues; associates in the bad, bad world … More Contributor

Who are you writing for?

I think as any parent will tell you, finding time to do anything for yourself is a challenge. You have to negotiate, take turns and plan with your spouse/partner in order to get a few minutes sometimes. Even a simple trip to the lu, can’t be done on your own most times. But that’s part … More Who are you writing for?

Rules of the Road

Today is an exciting day!    I am being featured as a guest blogger on CAA South Central Ontario’s blog, CAA Life-side Connections. My post is about how I explain the rules of the road to my kids.   Check it out here: Hopefully this is the first of many to posts to come.   Wishing you all … More Rules of the Road