Who are you writing for?


I think as any parent will tell you, finding time to do anything for yourself is a challenge. You have to negotiate, take turns and plan with your spouse/partner in order to get a few minutes sometimes. Even a simple trip to the lu, can’t be done on your own most times. But that’s part of the deal, and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

However, finding a balance just seems to happen. And I find, with my kids getting older, that it’s becoming easier. They can entertain themselves and play together. I can have a moment to watch the news, or play a game on my phone.

I can write. And I can read. And I find myself reading much more these days; it’s just not books. It’s blogs.

There is a blog for everyone and everything. I love that. I love that people are candid and charming, honest and straightforward on millions of topics. Bloggers are asked for their opinions and have become a marketing channel of their own. It’s amazing that sharing a few thoughts about any said product or service with your readers is so popular. And it’s win-win really; companies get to have their products spoken about (in a good light) and bloggers get to try things for free and/or receive compensation.

As I try to carve out my space in the [blogging] world, I think about if I want to take on the influencer hat, along with all the others that I wear. I see both sides, as I work for a company that does look to those influencers to write about our products and services. I think there are some bloggers who do it so well; they’ve reached celebrity status online. And there are others who…well, not so much.

The jury is still for me. Maybe one day I will try it. For now, I’ll work on growing my “numbers” on Facebook and Twitter.

A girl’s gotta start somewhere, right?!


Are you an influencer? How did you get started? What’s the best advice you can give somebody who wants to start blogging with brands?

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