A sick Mouse is a sad Mouse

Sick baby4

I could stare at your cute little face for hours, even when you are coughing back in mine. Unlike your big sister, you never liked to be rocked, but then again, I didn’t want to start that habit with you either. You went to sleep on your own faster than she did. But I missed those moments, when the only way to see your sleeping face was through the glow of the nightlight in the hallway.

You’ve had a rough go in daycare, health-wise. I was ready for the endless coughs and colds. I was even bracing myself for the ear infections that cycled for a year and a half with your sister. But you’ve only had one of those. Instead, we’ve battled croup, stomach flu, UTI’s, pink eye and more. And it is during those times, like last night, where you only want momma. You call for me in the middle of the night, with your raspy little voice and my heart breaks. I want to make you better and you only want to be in my arms.

So as tired as I am, I hold you and I rock. And you fall asleep.

Last night it happened four times, before I finally got into my pajamas, and took us both into the spare room. This way, we wouldn’t wake daddy and the Little Bird, and you could sleep, and maybe I could too.

For the record, I am not cut out to sleep with my kids!

Although you woke up more times than I can count, and radiated more heat than a 28-pound little girl should, I am content – and tired – knowing you slept better with me.

Mommy & daddy love you very much. And so does your big sister, because she told me yesterday that we have to take care of you when you’re sick, “it’s important!”

I hope you feel better soon, my Little Mouse, and are back to your happy, smiley self sooner, rather than later.

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