Blue Jay Fever #cometogether


So it’s on! It’s do or die time for the Toronto Blue Jays.

I am not a huge sports fan (anymore). I barely watch or follow any team, but will fully admit to jumping on the baseball pennant race bandwagon. It’s a pretty exciting time in Toronto.

The city is draped in blue and white, and you can’t escape it. And we’ve won this race before; twice – in 1992 and 1993. So we’ve tasted victory in the realms of baseball, and we want it again!

In fact, I can honestly say that I was a true fan back in the day. The team was amazing, with the likes of Roberto Alomar, Dave Winfield, Joe Carter, Pat Borders and more.

I have fond memories of a kid and going to baseball games at Exhibition Stadium, then SkyDome (now Rogers Centre) with my family. So watching the games was a family affair back then.


I was in my senior year of high school and remember watching the winning game with my parents! It was amazing, exciting and fun. My father was super excited! So when they announced that the Blue Jays would do a fan celebration at SkyDome a couple of days later, I was going. No matter what!

Except that I had a test in my Business class.

I decided to skip the test (something I had never done before) and went with my brother to cheer on our new champs! We had so much fun cheering our favourite players, in the streets and a packed stadium.
Photo by: BERNARD WEIL/TORONTO STAR The celebrations for the Toronto Blue Jays 1992 (pictured) and 1993 World Series transformed the downtown core into a sea of true blue Jays fans.

Of course, the next day, I went back to school and had to face my Business teacher. So I thought I would ask her if she would let me write the test again.

I will never forget the look on her face at my request. And then she asked me, “Well Tania, I will let you write the test depending on your answer to my next question.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Were you sick yesterday? Or did you have Blue Jay Fever?” She asked me.

I remember looking her right in her eye, contemplating for a single second on if I should tell her the truth or not. She was an admitted fan of the sport and the Blue Jays, so I sucked it up and told her the truth, “I had Blue Jay Fever.”

She nodded and said, “Alright. You bring me a note tomorrow morning that your parents knew you had a test, but let you go to the parade anyway, and I’ll let you rewrite the test.”

No problem!

I brought in my note the next morning, signed by my dad and she honoured her word and let me write the test again.

Win-win all around!


Go Jays Go!


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  1. I wasn’t so lucky! I was also in my senior year of high school and had a presentation to do for English class…my teacher told me if I didn’t show up to do the presentation that I would get a zero. The project was worth 25% of my mark and I just couldn’t afford to do it. Hoping I’ll have better luck this time around!

      1. My wife just read about the controversial “homerun” and was asking why it was called a homerun. Game changer right there! Definitely proud of them. My Orioles lost to KC last year. Grr

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