Imagine you love to bake and it turns out you’re really good at it.

Imagine you decide to start baking, giving most away, but suddenly people start asking you for orders.

Imagine that at the end of the day, you barely make enough money to break even, but what you do make you are able to put aside.

Imagine you do all of this with one leg.

This is my friend Patty’s story.

She started her own little home bakery, initially as therapy, to put money aside is to buy a new prosthetic leg, which cost about $60,000.

In 2007, Patty was diagnosed with cancer (malignant melanoma) and lost her leg, just above her knee.

Patty is a single mother of three kids.

And she has been cancer free for four years now!

She is strong, selfless, creative and inspiring. She’ll be the first one to have your back and the last one to ask for help.

After the Health Department forced her to shut down her hobby bakery, her friends and neighbours stepped in and started a GoFundMe page.

Patty needs this leg.

She deserves it.


Please watch the video and donate what you can. Every little bit will help. Then, please share so we can make her dream of walking again come true!


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  1. As someone with a disability who is extremely lucky to be able to walk and not be in a wheelchair, I have a big compassion for people like Patty who suddenly find themselves in a position like this. I cannot get over how much a prosthetic leg costs! How wonderful of you to share her story, Tania. How impressive to hear what Tania started to help herself raise money!

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