Patty’s Leg: Update

Some of you may recall friend Patty. I shared her story back in January after her home bakery was shut down. The goal of that bakery, was to save money for a prosthetic leg. Her only wish was to be able to hold her kids’ hands while she walks with them. Well, I am happy to … More Patty’s Leg: Update

Imagine you love to bake and it turns out you’re really good at it. Imagine you decide to start baking, giving most away, but suddenly people start asking you for orders. Imagine that at the end of the day, you barely make enough money to break even, but what you do make you are able … More

Pink balloons

I am still amazed at the beautiful assembly the Little Bird’s class put on last week, in honour of Mother Mary and Mother’s Day. Her grade one class did all the readings, all the blessings and all the tributes. The Little Bird was responsible for doing the closing prayer, thanking the whole school and the … More Pink balloons