Patty’s Leg: Update

Some of you may recall friend Patty. I shared her story back in January after her home bakery was shut down. The goal of that bakery, was to save money for a prosthetic leg. Her only wish was to be able to hold her kids’ hands while she walks with them.

Well, I am happy to announce that through so many generous donations to her Go Fund Me Page, she has gotten her prosthetic leg!

She has been so gracious and allowed her friends and followers to go along with her on her journey of her fittings, and physiotherapy, in order to learn to walk again. She’s documented herself taking walks through her neighbourhood and shared with us her pure joy as she gets to hold her friends hands too.

She has a kick-ass new leg and her dream of walking her kids to school has come true! I cannot be happier for her. She deserves it!

Her journey has shown me that there is still kind and generous people in this world. That when somebody is down, people will band together to help them up. That having a dream and making it a reality is always possible. That humans are kind and there is hope in this world.

I’ve known Patty since high school, and not only is she a fighter, she is one bold and feisty chick. She is a cancer surviving, potty-mouthed, food loving, social media guru and very talented baker and photographer. And she’s the mother of three beautiful kids! This is the type of girl who threw herself a goodbye party for her leg. And made us, the guests, bring her a replacement leg. My replacement leg payed homage to Harry Potter, in the form of a purple lightning bolt. This is the type of person she is. First to laugh at herself, but last to ask for help.

Watching Patty battle cancer, raise her three kids, and find ways to support herself makes me honoured to know her. And when her bakery was shut down, I was heartbroken for her (and her clients – I’ve had her cookies, they were amazing!) I did the only thing I could do; first I donated and second I shared with everyone and anyone I could think of. I’m so happy that a community, her coworkers, friends, family and complete strangers have come together to make this dream come true for her.

Her story was originally shared on CHCH News and they have once again followed up with her to as she walked her kids to school yesterday. You can view it here.

It brings tears to my eyes to see her dream come true!

The video below has been posted with Patty’s permission, and expresses her raw joy and sincerest gratitude for this huge milestone.

Big hugs, my friend! I can’t wait to walk with you and hold your hand too!


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