First Day of School: 2016 edition

There were no tears today. None. Not from me, or the Little Bird or the Little Mouse. So, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that milestone.

Especially where I am concerned. It’s a pretty big deal.

Okay, onto the kids…

We began the morning, as we do on the first day of school every year; having breakfast together and hearing them talk about who they hope would be in their class, which teacher they would get, and so on. I let them play for a bit while I had my coffee and watched the news.

Then we all went upstairs to get ready, which took no time at all. I remind myself that it won’t always be like this. Soon,  the excitement wears off and they start to diddle-daddle.

Once everyone was dressed and looking their best, we went downstairs for the traditional first day of school pics.

I’m grateful they let me, and even still seem to like the pictures I take. First of each one by themselves, showing off their bags and then with the sign they let me make. Then, they seemed excited to take pictures together, both inside and outside. The Little Bird even said, “don’t forget to take on of us walking down the driveway, because that one’s your favourite, right Mommy? ”

Yes, it is.

So they obliged this snap-happy mamarazzi and off we went.

We decided to go by the back of the school first, in order to drop off the Little Bird in the big yard, and then I would take the Little Mouse to the Kindergarten classes.

We waited with their friends for the teachers to put up the lists, and then made our way over to find her name. I could see out of the corner of my eye, the list for the grade 3/4 split.

I knew that’s where she would be. She’s been lucky up to this point, always landing in the full class, but somehow I knew it was our turn for a split.

And I was right. As my stomach did a little flip, I could see she looked nervous about being with grade 4’s, and so I started to point to out the names of her friends that would be with her. She seemed relieved, and even a bit excited that she knows at least four of the grade 4’s from her kindergarten class, and a couple more from the before and after school program.

We introduced ourselves to the teacher and the Little Bird was at ease with the start of the day.  We even realized that the little boy who she has been with since JK, was once again in her class. They both laughed when I said they would be together until grade 8.

She spotted one of her friends, who greeted her with a huge hug and they both said they were happy to be together again.

She smiled at me and I knew things were going to be good. She kissed me goodbye and hugged her sister. I knew we were off to a good start.


Meanwhile, the Little Mouse had been squeezing my hand, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the big kids searching for class lists and friends. I asked her if she was ready to go to her class and she said yes.

She was a trooper, carrying her bag by herself, which was already stuffed with extra clothes, indoor shoes and her lunch. She decided she didn’t want a rolling bag this year, and I’m proud that she wore it the whole way, with no complaints.

As we got to the front of the school, I was greeted by her friends’ dad, who nodded and said they were still together. I scanned the list, and saw that they kept all the JK’s from last year together, along with the same teachers.

I asked her if she was ready, and got her signature little smirk, and she whispered yes. I got a big hug and a kiss and she turned and walked right through the gate. That smirk turned into a full-on smile when her two teachers greeted her with excitment and she ran to hug them both. She was good, getting herself in line and saying hi to the friends she hasn’t seen since the end of school.

I waved and said goodbye and she did the same. As I walked home, like  usually do, I was pretty proud that I didn’t cry.

As with every year, I always think about my two munchkins and wish them a successful school year. I wish they are brave enough to stand up for themselves, and anyone else who needs their help. I wish they are kind to everyone and helpful to their teachers and fellow classmates. I wish they put their hands up and volunteer for activities and apply themselves to everything they do. I wish them lots of fun, creating great memories and lots of artwork to bring home to us.

May all kids, and teachers, have a great year ahead!

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