Music Monday: Bacon

I have a little crush on Nick Jonas.

My kids were too young to know who the Jonas Brothers were, so that meant I didn’t pay attention. But that changed once he dropped his current album Last Year was Complicated.

I will admit, I don’t buy too many CDs anymore, but something compelled me to buy this one. I was not disappointed. I love the soulful and sexy sound of the whole album and am hard-pressed to pick a favourite.

One song did stand out to me, and it was the one he performed at the VMA’s. The first time I heard Bacon, featuring Ty Dolla $ign, I had to stop and realize that he’s actually singing about food. And I know a lot of people who love bacon, so it’s funny that he’s singing about it.

The video has a cool vibe and speaks to the days of hanging out in a greasy spoon restaurant after a night out with friends.

Aside from the unconventional subject matter, the song is catchy. The whole album is great, and have a feeling his career has no end in site!

Happy Monday!


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