To-may-to, to-mah-to

This year, we had a new helper in town. Or rather, the backyard.

Our annual tradition of preparing the tomatoes was upon us, and while the kids originally asked to just stay home, one quickly changed her mind on that cool morning.

We got to my in-laws house early, coffees in hand, and ready to work. My sister-in-law was already washing the tomatoes, and we finished setting up as we waited for the first pot of water to start boiling. While the Little Mouse stayed inside with my mother-in-law, the Little Bird had other plans this year.

She wanted to know what was going on, how she could help and what she could do next. So, I set her up with an apron, and got a stool and told her we were on “squish” duty.

Once the tomatoes were ready for the machine, she stabbed them with the fork and then pressed them through the machine. She thought it was hilarious that I got the majority of the “squirts”, as the tomatoes were forced through the tiny holes, but she seemed to really like helping.

She made her grandparents very proud!

Once a few bushels were done, she helped her aunt with the washing and sorting, and even helped move the jars around.

She made it all the way until the last bushel, and then called it quits. Said she was tired and hungry and had had enough. She even got $5 from my father-in-law for helping out!

When her cousins showed up, she told them that she helped out and couldn’t wait to try the sauce that she made.

Here’s to hoping she wants to help again next year.

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