Music Monday: Amateur at Love

One of favourite places to blast the tunes is in the car. On somedays, I get to listen to those “mix” hours, where the DJs spin like it’s Saturday night at the club. It brings back some good memories.

I miss going out and dancing.

But that was a different time.

Now, we’re deep in the grind; the struggle to commute to work and back home, squeezing every drop out of life and balancing our needs and those of our kids that leaves everyone feeling fulfilled.

If that’s even possible.

With a job now located downtown, music is a huge part of my life again – both in the car as I drive to and from the station, and on the train with my OG Shuffle.


The drive home at night really tests my nerves, between construction that seems to be everywhere and traffic; it is hard to rein the frustration in as I just want to get home at a decent time.

But nothing can distract you from a traffic-filled drive like good music.

The other day, I heard this song: Amateur at Love by Karl Wolf and Kardinal Offishall and I was grooving in my car.

My goal with these Music Monday posts is to get you grooving too. I hope you dance your ass off like I did!

Happy Monday!


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