Disney2017 – Part 2


Day two was another glorious day and this time the eight of us were spending most of it together. We headed out early to Epcot. It was the Flower and Garden Festival, so we were greeted with beautiful topiaries of Mickey and Pluto upon our entrance to the park.

Our first FastPass of the day was for Soarin’. While in line, we noticed a sign warning that this ride could cause motion sickness, D was worried about how he would feel. But D wasn’t the problem. It was Paxter who absolutely hated the sensation of the flight simulator pretty much told me he hated me and would never forgive me for booking that ride.

I loved it. I loved the smell of the ocean in Fiji, the dust clouds over the Tanzania and the beauty of the Taj Mahal and ice fjords in Greenland. The whole ride was beautiful.

But I can’t help but laugh. Not because the Paxter was scared, because I don’t like that at all. But his very serious reaction to telling me that he would NEVER forgive me. Ever. That I was so mean. With his piercing, blue eyes, and his stubborn attitude, I just wanted to hug him. But he wouldn’t have it.


So, following Soarin’ we sat around having a break and eating some snacks while we waited for our next FastPass, which was the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival. We got some great family pictures and pictures of the kids with our PhotoPass and enjoyed the film festival. It was nice to sit inside an air-conditioned theatre, and be entertained by a 3D Mickey and gang.

G, L and the gang wanted to go ride Fast Track and Mission: Space, so we took the opportunity to go on The Seas with Nemo and Friends. The girls compared it to the Under the Sea – the Journey of the Little Mermaid, which was similar and we all had fun.

Our next FastPass wasn’t until later, and we knew that we HAD to meet Baymax and Joy and Sadness, so off we went to the Epcot Character Spot to meet our friends from a couple of our favourite movies.

Baymax was just as squishable as I imagined. But the girls’ patience was put to the test while we waited to see Joy and Sadness. It can be hard to wait in line, eat snacks and drink water. It’s slow moving, as there are interactions with each guest, but we were inside and it was cool. They started to fight a bit, and my patience was wearing thin. Thankfully a man in front of me noticed I was on the brink of turning into Anger and started talking to me about the park, our day and interacting with the girls, which distracted them from the waiting.

After we all calmed down, it was finally our turn to see our favourite emotions. Joy noticed the girls Moana tee shirts and started pretending she was her by posing like her while the cast member who directed the photographer started singing the theme song. Then Joy motioned to Sadness should pretend to be Moana too, except she only bowed her head to cry. And then reached over to hug the girls. It was adorable. After all our pics were taken, we were off to find lunch and meet back up with the rest of our gang.


We met back at the Epcot Character Spot to use our last FastPass and meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. Everyone was very excited, as this was all our first time meeting the big mouse. After all our hugs and autographs and pictures we said goodbye again, as G, L and the boys wanted to go back to the pool. Our girls wanted to go meet more Princesses and see the world pavilions, so off we went.

Our first stop was Canada, so we could collect our Canada’s 150th birthday pins. The girls seemed to like guessing which country we were in, and loved pointing out all the character topiaries that were all around Epcot. They were beautiful.


We tried hard to be strategic and go in order through the countries we passed, as the timing was a bit off for some. In the end, we met Belle in France, Jasmine in Morocco and Mulan in Japan. We were going to go back to meet Snow White, but the girls were already complaining about the heat and were getting tired. In fact, as we were in line to wait to meet Ana and Elsa in Norway, they really wanted to go home and get an ice cream and be done with the day. So, as much as D was hoping to get them to meet all the Princesses in Epcot, we gave up and went home to let them have a dip in the pool before our next big day at Hollywood Studios.


Overall, Epcot was beautiful. It’s a big park, and with the hot sum beaming down on you, there isn’t much cover unless you’re in a pavilion or in a restaurant. It was great that we could get Belle’s autograph, as well as meet Mulan, who the girls noticed wasn’t at Magic Kingdom the first time we went. We got in line just in time too, as we were the second last people before they shut the line down.

As I said, D was trying to get them to meet as many Princesses as possible, and I think he was more disappointed that they didn’t want to stay in line to meet Ana and Elsa and wanted to go home. But can you blame them? We’ve been walking all day; it was still stinking hot and they knew that their cousins were in the pool already. Sadly, we called an end to our day at Epcot and made our way home for another dip in the pool, while we looked forward to Hollywood Studios the following day.

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