Music Monday: Despacito



I have always loved Latin music. Deep in soul, I can’t even help it if I tried. When a good Latin song comes on, it moves me.

I think it may have started from my very first trip to Mexico in the early 90’s. I loved all the music they played and went home with a tape and a few CDs, and played them repeatedly.

I did the same thing when I went to Cuba (one of the four times I’ve been) always going home with some of the popular music they play in the resorts and at the clubs.

I have tried to get my kids to listen to it, however those CDs are usually reserved to when mommy is in the car alone. Until this year.

Thanks to Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, Despacito is the song of the summer for the Little Bird, Little Mouse and me.

This song is everywhere. And interestingly is being mixed into different cultures, languages and genres and it’s amazing. The other day, I saw a Bollywood mix with Despacito and it was very entertaining. I’ve seen a slow and sexy saxophone version and a totally remixed all-Italian version.

This song is THE SONG of the summer.

So, you will find me and my girls, with the window’s down and our new favourite blasting through the speakers singing all the English parts (and pretending we know the Spanish parts).

In my next life, I’m coming back as a Latina!

Happy Monday!


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