Eight is great! Happy birthday to my Little Mouse.


Enjoying a gummy worm slushy drink

My Little Mouse,

Today, you are eight. Eight years old!

You are my little firecracker, my sensitive soul, my comedian and my bowl of sunshine. Your smile can fill a room and your zest for life is contagious!

You have big dreams! You want to be a famous DJ (like Marshmallow), a famous artist and you want to work at Walmart to clean and organize the shelves! Dream big and never let anyone tell you that you can’t be what you want to be. But maybe we can start with cleaning and organizing your toys!

You love with all of your heart. You are kind and giving and will share everything you have with your sister. You are always thinking of others and love to share your joy with those around you.

You love pizza. And I am confident that if you could eat one thing forever, it would be that. You don’t enjoy eating vegetables, but will eat what I give you. You also love cheeseburgers, chocolate and ice cream.

Famous artist Halloween costume

You have made good progress playing the piano and hope to be good enough to start a band with your sister when you are older. You are quick to learn every word to all the songs you love and sing them at the top of your voice, because there is no volume control when your heart is in it. But that’s what we love about you!

When it comes to toys, right now you love dolls, still love Lego and are interested in anything small and collectible. If it comes wrapped in a way that you have to unbox it – that is even better.

Last year, you spent almost all of it with no front teeth, but thankfully those are growing back. You also got glasses and have been fairly good in remembering to wear them. We’ve seen you grow and definitely have an opinion on the clothes you wear and the style of your hair. You love braids and often request me to do those for school. You love to dress up, make funny faces and smile with your whole heart!

This year, you will celebrate your communion and I think you are still unsure of what to make of it. You are excited, but nervous, which is expected. It will be beautiful and I can’t wait to celebrate that with our family and friends.

Getting manicure at Glama Gals

You still love to hug and snuggle; can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and don’t mind holding my hand. I know you are definitely more independent and your dad and I can see that. You are good at doing your homework without any issues and love to colour and draw.

My girl, remember that you will always be my baby. But watching you grow into the smart and amazing girl that you are fills my heart with joy. Never change your perspective on life. Always look at the world with rose coloured glasses and spread kindness wherever you go.

Happy birthday my sweet girl. May all your wishes and dreams come true!


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