Why dating my husband needs to be a priority

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Visiting City Hall and the Toronto sign on a day date

The idea of a date night once a month sounds like an amazing idea. However, it rarely comes to fruition.

As working parents, both my husband and I commute into the city on a daily basis (or almost daily, as I can work from home a couple times per week). But it still means the kids have to attend the after-school program, or get picked up late and rushed through dinner to get to activities. There is little time to do groceries, or laundry during the week, so it all gets left for the weekend.

Cleaning and up and running around every weekend, leaves us little time to ourselves.

So how do you make time for a date with your significant other?

seeing a comedy show as a date night idea, wifehood, tania2atee
Catching a comedy show together

We usually end up having day dates, where we will drop the kids off for a few hours with one of our parents’, however as they get older, this is becoming harder to do. And then, weeks turn into months before we’ve had another date.

A few weeks ago, our kids were invited to their friends’ house, two sisters both the same age as my girls. Their mom sent us away and told us to go see a movie. We sat in their driveway after saying goodbye, staring at each other.

We didn’t know what to do! At first we were going to go grocery shopping, but then we decided to just get a coffee. So we went to a local coffee shop.

When D and I first met, like most couples, we spent a lot of time getting to know each other in coffee shops. I loved those times together, learning new things about how we each grew up, our families and friends. And that night we easily fell back into that place.

coffee and dinner date ideas with partner, wifehood, tania2atee
Getting to know each other over coffee

We told stories of high school, and talked about vacation plans and it was so nice to be able to get through a conversation without hearing “mom!” “dad!”. Afterwards, we went to Home Sense, which is something we also used to do all the time. When we were dating, we would head off to a local Winners store and wander off on our own for a while, only to meet back up at the change rooms and take turns trying on our finds. I know, it sounds a bit off, spending time together – but separately – shopping, but we used to have so much fun. After we got engaged, we would hit up Home Sense too, hunting for cute decor for our house.

With only a few hours to spend together, we tried to think of things we could do together, and rekindle that dating flame. Here’s a list of our top five things to do on a quick day/evening date:

  1. Get to know each other over coffee (I challenge you not to speak about your kids)
  2. Go see a movie
  3. Go shopping (not grocery shopping), but hand-holding, walk around the mall together shopping.
  4. Grab a coffee or snacks to go, and go for a drive
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Tour a museum
  7. Visit an old hang-out
  8. Enjoy a quickie!
  9. Take a class together (for something you are both interested in)
  10. Go for lunch or dinner at a restaurant without a kids menu

How often do you have a date night, without your kids!?

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