Fun and educational games your kids want this holiday season!

Kids want fun games and parents want something educational that will help them learn. Here’s a review of four fun and educational games that you’ll want to play and will make everyone happy!

When it comes to cool toys, my kids think they know what’s up! But when I had the opportunity to review some of this year’s newest toys and games, not only did my cool factor move up a few notches (and which mom doesn’t want that?!), but my kids’ Christmas lists grew longer too!

We love a fun family game night! It helps to bring us together and have some fun together. But I also look for games they can play together, because let’s face it, we can get busy sometimes. So, if we can find games that are not only fun, but the girls are learning new skills at the same time, I say – wrap it up!

Here’s what you should be putting under your tree that your kids will love because they are fun, and you will love because they are educational! But don’t just take it from me, see what my kids – the Little Mouse (8 years old) and the Little Bird (11 years old) – had to say about them.

Spot it!

Two girls playing Spot it! game sitting facing each other.

Spot it! is the ultimate test in observation! Each player starts with one card (face down) and one card is turned over in the centre. The object of the game is to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol. Symbols include gingerbread men, keys, dinosaurs, candles and many more!

It’s not as easy as it looks as symbols can be different sizes, so your eye doesn’t easily see them. There are different variations you can play with one deck, and the tin makes it portable, which means you can bring the fun anywhere! It’s perfect for long car rides, or long lines at the store.

What the kids had to say:

Little Mouse: I love the tiny pictures and how fast you have to look to find them. We laugh a lot when we play this game!

Little Bird: It’s so fun! It goes so fast and it’s funny to try keep up to the other players! I like that we can play it in the car on long rides too.

Spot it! is available at Walmart, Amazon and Mastermind Toys and is priced from $15-17. Suitable for ages 6+ and you can play with 2-8 players.


two girls playing domino game with coloured pieces

Chromino is the new – and colourful – way to play dominos. Which is where they get their name from, chromatic dominos. Players match colours, instead of numbers, to create differnt patterns. It challenges you to really pay attention to where you put your tiles.

Starting with a Chameleon Chromino tile (a tile with a special centre), you then must connect other tiles. This fun and educational game is challenging because you must make at least two identical coloured squares come in contact. And when you can’t find a matching tile, you have to draw another tile. The first player to match all their tiles wins!

What the kids had to say:

Little Mouse: I like the patterns you can make with it. And I like playing this with mommy, so she can help me!

Little Bird: This game is hard, but I like that it’s not a baby game. It really makes you think and it’s not easy to win.

Chromino is great for 1-8 players (you can play this alone), aged 6+. It is available at Walmart and Amazon and retails for $30.


two girls playing game, one holding dice and the other waiting her turn

CLACK! is a fun and fast-paced observation game. You have to pay attention, and have fast hands! Player lay out all the discs and then roll the die to find out what combination of shape and colour they have to look for.

Then the race is on to pick up those pieces. The fun is in the magnetic disks that connect with that “clack!“, which is where they get the name from! It challenges you to think fast and be quick in collecting those disks. The player with the tallest stack wins! This fun and educational game also features safe magnetic disks, which make for easy clean-up!

What the kids had to say:

Little Mouse: I love the magnetic pieces and how fun it is to collect them (even if my sister is faster than I am!)

Little Bird: I love finding the colours and shapes and being first to stick all the pieces!

CLACK! is perfect for kids 5+ and great for 2-6 players. It is available at Walmart and Amazon and retails for $25-30.

Ghost Blitz

girls playing board game looking at cards

Ghost Blitz is game of reaction and reflexes. Unlike most reaction games, this game is asking you to train your brain to see what isn’t there!

The object of the game is to quickly identify the object or colour that is missing on a card. There are five items to start with: a white ghost (named Baldwin), a red chair, a grey mouse, a green bottle and a blue book. Each card has two objects, with one (or both) coloured the wrong way. Players must identify which object is not represented on the card and grab that item to win a point.

For example, if the card has a red ghost and a green mouse, the object that is missing is the blue book (as neither the colour blue or the book is represented on the card). At first, I wasn’t sure my kids would understand this game, but as soon as they got it (which was very quick), they left me in the dust! I can’t keep up with them and will admit I haven’t won a game yet! Of course the kids love that, proving this to be the ultimate fun and educational game!

What the kids had to say

Little Mouse: It is so fun to find what is missing and grab that thing so fast!

Little Bird: This game is hard on your brain because you think you see what matches first! And then you have to remember it’s what’s not there!

Ghost Blitz is suited for 2-8 players, ages 8 and up and is available at Walmart, Amazon and Mastermind Toys for $19.99.

These four fun and educational games are perfect for your family game night, or for the kids to play on their own. They would make perfect holiday gift!

Tell me your favourite fun and educational games for kids.

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