Rolling out the fun with Cutetitos & Babitos – the perfect stocking stuffer for kids this holiday.

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your kids? Do they love adorable stuffed animals? Do they love burritos? How about pets rolled like burritos?! Cutetitos and Cutetitos Babitos are rolling out the fun, and turning up the heat!

When my kids were little, I used to wrap them up in a hodded towel and call them my little buritos. Apparently, I’m not the only one who has ever done this, and there is a social media trend of wrapping up pets in blankets as burritos has sparked a frenzy.


Basic Fun has introduced Cutetitos, which are the most adorable stuffed animals wrapped up in burrito blankets! Talk about rolling out the fun!

There are twelve new adorable pets to unroll in season 2, including Donkito, Elephantito, Parrotito and Narwhalito! (How cute are these names?!) Not only are these blind bags fun to unroll, but they look like a burrito with the silver foil wrapping! And they’ve turned up the heat too!

Cutetios Series 2 have special fur, tufts of hair and it’s own burrito blanket. Once unrolled, you can check the pet’s “hot-spot” to see if it’s mild, medium, hot or spicy, muy caliente!

I love the concept of these little collectible toys and my kids couldn’t stop laughing and smiling with them.

What the kids had to say

Little Mouse: They were so cute! I love how they look before you unroll them, and the then when you unroll them {squeal}, they’re so cuteito!

Little Bird: I think it’s so fun that they look like a real burrito! And that they come in mild, medium, hot or spicy. I love the blanket too, it’s so soft and I want them all!

Cutetitos are perfect for ages 3 and up and are available at Walmart, Toys R Us and Indigo, for $14.99.

Cutetitos Babitos

Want to continue rolling out the fun!? Cutetitos Babitos are surprise Furry Baby Friends. The poquito little cousin to the Cutetito, these 3″ plush friends come in new characters like Owlito, Chipmunkito and Battito. There are 12 friends to collect.

Taco ’bout cute – rolling out the fun with these mini friends is just as cute, with a small burrito that is wrapped inside a taco shell (packaging). When unveiled, you unroll your friend to find out it’s gender (pink or blue diaper) and check the hot spot to find out if it’s mild, medium, hot or spicy.

What the kids had to say:

It is safe to say they both loved them, as they both were gushing over how cute they are, and loved the fact that they both got the same one, something that rarely happens with blind bag toys in our house.

Cutetitos Babitos Series 1 is available at Toys R Us and Indigo and retails for $9.99. Perfect for kids 3+.

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What are your kids asking for? Let me know!

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