Fuel kids’ creativity and compassion by giving the gift of music, love & inspiration!

Fuel kids creativity and compassion this holiday. Gift like Tweet Beats fuel’s their passion of music. Instill compassion and love with Rescue Runts. And inspire a world of creativity with Flexo.

Tweet Beats

Do your kids love music? Are they always looking for the next beat? Tweet Beats gives them the ability to create different songs based on which bird you put on which branch.

The cute little birds each have their own unique sound, including drum, bass, melody and song. The birds include Beach Bobby, Jenny, MC Jay and The Kid and you can see from their style that the are each unique and adorable. And the set comes with a Tweet Beat Musical Tree.

Each branch of the tree plays a tune, and that will change, depending on the bird placed on the branch, fueling their creativity and love of music.

The bottom branch activates the beat. From there you can unlock the bass on the second branch and melody on the third branch. Finally, the top branch will sound the vocals. Each bird has their own style and sound, and creating your own combinations is fun and gets your movin’ and groovin’.

What the kids had to say

Little Mouse: It’s so fun to goove out to your own beats, like you’re a DJ! and it’s so cool to change it up. The birds are soooo cute!

Little Bird: I like how little kids can make their own music.

Tweet Beats are perfect for kids 5+. The tree set and additional birds can be found at Toys R Us, Mastermind and Amazon. The tree retails for $39.99 and the individual birds retail for $9.99 each.

Rescue Runts

These cute little pets need rescuing are just looking for a little TLC and loving. Kids have to use the grooming kit included to pick out fleas and take out the ticks. They need to comb out their matted fur and flip their ears. Their messy paws need to be cleaned with warm water, and kids have to heal their boo-boo, dry their tears and make them smile.

It’s a big order, but watching my Little Mouse take care of this pup made me smile. She took her caregiver role very seriously and her compassion showed how loving she is. She was in love with it at the raggedy stage and fell deeper in love after she cleaned him all up!

Once the Rescue Runt is taken care of, kids can give them a name (and be sure to write it on the collar) and complete the adoption certificate.

This gift really does fuel creativity and compassion and shows how patient they can be in order to help the little puppies come to life!

What the kids have to say

Little Mouse: Aw, my little puppy is so cute. I liked that I could save him and clean him up. I helped him by wiping his tears and taking the mud off his paws, like a real pet-mommy would do. He is so cute now that I brushed him out and he’s so soft! I want to keep him forever.

Rescue Runts are perfect for kids 3+ and are available at Toys R Us, Mastermind Toys and Amazon and retails for $24.99.


Flexo takes building blocks to a whole new level – and angle, fueling creativity and inspiring kids to think outside the square!

The builder set comes complete with 100 brightly coloured bricks, 300 tendons and a Flexo multitool. It’s the tendons that help the bricks take a whole new shape, allowing them to round corners and create curved edges.

The inspiration page included is only the tip of the iceberg with what can be created.

What the kids had to say:

Little Bird: I think this set is cool because you can create things with it that you can’t with [other bricks]. And you can make so many things! The colours are nice and bright too.

Flexo is available in various sets and sizes, and can be found at Mastermind Toys. Builder set featured retails for $24.99 and is suitable for kids 6 and up.

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What other gifts can fuel creativity and compassion in your kids? Let me know what else we should check out!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but as always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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