Wrap up family fun games this holiday season

Family fun games take family time to a whole new level! Take a look at two games you will want to wrap up this holiday season, that will leave you laughing and wanting to make it a family game night – every night!

Pictionary Air

There is something about creating memories together as a family. Growing up, my family would play games together and we can still recall the great battles that took place over games like Uno and Pictionary. In fact, I still have those games, but it’s so fun to see when games like that get a makeover.

The original Pictionary put two teams head-to-head in a battle of who can guess the most clues. But of course, you can’t talk – you have to draw! Luckily, growing up my dad was a printer, so getting access to large sheets of paper wasn’t a big deal. Nowadays, paper is hard to come by. Everything is done on your phone, or tablet or computer. So when I received the updated and revamped Pictionary Air, I was all in to give it a try.

two girls holding Pictionary Air game

The box is small, containing an illustrator pen and the cards with the clues. We downloaded the Pictionary Air app, free on iOS and Google Play on our tablet and we were ready to play. There is even an option to cast your device to your TV for an even bigger image. But we were ready to play!

It took a bit of getting used to drawing in the air. You can’t draw wherever you want, and obviously you can’t see what you’ve already drawn, but once the girls got used to it, they loved it. You can adjust the timer in each round, giving us newbies some extra time to draw. With that extra time you can also sketch out the other clues on the card (there are 5 on each card), giving you the opportunity to earn more points.

Want to up the family fun games factor? You can try it on selfie mode, so the sketcher can see what they are drawing or record yourself and play it back to watch later. The app is very easy to use and soon the kids didn’t need my help at all. Also, it’s best to play in a well-lit area, so they device camera can see the pen clearly.

I’m not sure who had more fun, the person holding the tablet watching the drawing come to life, or the person doing the sketching? Either way, it was fun all around and is sure to be on our list for family fun nights in the near future!

What the kids had to say

Little Mouse – I think it’s so fun to guess what people are trying to draw. I love drawing so this game is for me! I can’t wait to play again with the whole family.

Little Bird – I think it’s smart to be on a tablet instead of paper because it makes it more fun and a bit more difficult. And saves the environment too! It’s funny to see what someone tries to draw, because sometimes it doesn’t look like anything at all! And then sometimes you see it right away.

Pictionary Air is available at Toys R Us, Walmart and Mastermind Toys and sells for $20-25. It’s great for ages 8+ and also has a French edition available and is the perfect family fun game!

Hackin’ Packin’ Alpaca

Looking for family fun games that brings the laughs? The Hackin’ Packin’ Alpaca is sure to bring the squeals….

This cute little guy needs help to pack up all his stuff! But guess what? If you don’t do it fast enough on your turn, Mac the Alpaca will be spittin’ mad – literally! He will spit water at the player who’s time runs out.

It’s not as easy as it looks either, with 16 pieces to stack, including laptop, umbrella, camera and a scooter, just to name a few, this alpaca doesn’t have a lot of patience, but you need it to make sure none of the already stacked pieces fall.

Each player takes one item each, until they are all divided. Then you press Mac’s head down, and the timer starts. In that time, you pack, pile, balance, and get creative placing the items on his back. With the pieces in so many shapes and sizes, it can get tricky. But it lead to many laughs!

Note, if your kids don’t like the spitting water, you can choose not to fill the vessel and trying to beat the clock still makes for a fun family game night!

What the kids had to say

Little Mouse: It’s so funny how it spits at you like a real alpaca. He’s so cute and I like how you can help Mac Pack (get it?! Lol)

Little Bird: Even though you know it is going to spit at you, it’s still funny when it happens. It makes you want to move fast

This family fun game is perfect for 2-4 players, aged 5+, the Hackin’ Packin’ Alpaca game is available at Walmart, Toys R Us and Amazon for $20-25.

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