Gifts for kids who love stop-motion animation.

Stop-motion animation movies are fun and simple to create. SkikBots and Klikbots are a great gift for kids who love stop-motion animation.

The increase in toys and games that have apps to help them operate, or enhance their functionality is on the rise. KlikBots and StikBots take it one step further. They use an app to show kids how to create stop-motion animation movies, as easy as 1-2-3. A definite must-have for kids on your list this holiday.

Toys can teach kids so many things, technologically and electronically.These toys can also spark a drive, or a passion. And who knows, maybe even lead to a future career in coding, development or design.

Zing! Toys and their Klikbots and Stikbots can do just that. These little figures are colourful, poseable and can be used to make fun stop-motion animation movies quickly and easily! And they are one of the hottest toys of the year!

My kids and I have never made a stop-motion video before but we love watching them, so we gave it a try! Not only was it easier than I though, but we had so much fun! We simply downloaded the Stikbot Studio app (free on iOS and Android) and set to work creating our movie.


StikBot toys

Stikbots are easy-to-pose figures that are colourful, come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The suction cups on their hands and feet, make it easy to stick to any flat surface, making for some great poses and even better stop-motion animation movies!


KlikBot toys

KlikBots are a new extension of the Stikbot line of figures. A treasure hunting team of bots that are thrust into a battle they didn’t want (aren’t we all)! What makes them “klik” is they have more points of movement, along with interchangeable pieces, so you can create new bots.

We set up our green screen and downloaded the app and the girls were ready on the set! The Stikbot Zanimation Studio came with a 2 in 1 green/blue screen that was easy to assemble, and a tripod to hold your phone steady. Which is key for making a stop-motion animation videos and movies.

The girls didn’t need me at all and I sat back and watched as they easily manipulated and moved all the figures. I mearly pressed the camera to capture the pictures. So, after shooting 12 pictures we were ready to make our movie.

I had to remind them to make small movements, and it took a bit of patience to move them slowly over 12 frames, but hey quickly got the hang of it and started plotting out their moves in advance.

The app makes it very easy, and for first-time movie makers like us, it was as simple as following the prompts on the screen. When capturing our pictures, the app shows you where your pieces were from frame to frame and then with the push of a button, your movie comes to life! You can add sound effects and music and the end result is a fun movie we can share with our friends!

The girls haven’t stopped playing with these cute little bots, or making stop-motion animation videos, and I love that it challenges them to work together, learn new skills while creating a fun movie.

What did the kids think?

Little Mouse: I like how they can stick everywhere and that there are animals too – the dog is my favourite! I also like that you can change the parts and then make a movie! It was a lot of fun!

Little Bird: I love the green screen, and how you can make a movie with music. I thought it would be harder, but it turned out to be really easy. I also like that there good guys and bad guys.

Stikbots and Klikbots are available in single and studio packs from Toys R Us and Amazon, and range in price from $5.99-$14.99. These are great for kids 4+ (for Stikbots) and 6+ for Klikbots (due to the small pieces). A device with iOS or GooglePlay is required to download the free app.

Here is another stop-motion animation movie they created. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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