80’s teen movie mash up

Slaps, fights, dancing, cheesy stunts, big hair, questionable fashion, sloppy kisses and exuberant displays of happiness. That pretty much sums up the mash up video which tributes 80’s teen movies. I lived on these movies growing up. I loved each and every one of them and how they bravely tackled emotions and struggles and teenage angst. I … More 80’s teen movie mash up

Before the Rickroll and beyond

I have a pretty wide range in my music preferences, but I’ve been pretty open about my love of pop music. When I was younger, there are few artists that I would call my favourite, and Rick Astley was one of them. Yes, I admit that I own the Whenever You Need Somebody (1987) and … More Before the Rickroll and beyond

Girls just want to have fun!

I am always thinking of songs to feature on my Music Monday posts, and the other day my Little Mouse was singing a song. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, as she danced around and clapped her hands. She has even taken to shaking her tushie, as Gloria does in the movie Madagascar. … More Girls just want to have fun!

Never gonna

The other day a good friend of mine tagged me in a picture, and it made me laugh out loud. See this particular friend of mine has known me since grade 8. This particular friend also had the extreme opposite taste in music as I did. As I’ve mentioned, I was more of a fan … More Never gonna

My teenaged dreams come true!

I was a child of the 80s and a teen of the 90s. That means I had the awkward, in-between kid and all-full-of-attitude teen stage when it was the late 80s and early 90s. And the music scene was all over the place. While I grew up with a house full of music, I listened … More My teenaged dreams come true!