Music Monday: Finesse

It’s no secret that I love 90’s music. I grew up listening to it, clubbing to it, and it is woven into all the memories – both good and bad – of my life. I’m specifically speaking of 90’s hip hop and dance music. There is something about the songs that pumped out of the … More Music Monday: Finesse

Music Monday: 24K Magic

The other day, my husband and I were in the car, and this song came on the radio. My instant reaction was; “What is this? Sounds like 1985?” D later informed me that it was actually Bruno Mars’ new song; 24K Magic. So I decided to give it another chance, and it is a pretty … More Music Monday: 24K Magic

Uptown Funk: Music Monday

Welcome to the week of the Little Mouse! She turns four on Wednesday, and as I try to simultaneously wipe the tears from my eyes and shake my head about how we got here already, I’m actually very excited to reach this milestone. The three’s killed us. This Little Mouse, or Skunk – as I … More Uptown Funk: Music Monday

Just the way you are

On my way into work this morning, the radio djs were talking about an announcement that Bruno Mars was set to perform the Halftime Show at the 2014 Super Bowl. I am not a football fan however I do like Bruno Mars. And so it got me thinking about his music. There are many artists … More Just the way you are