s’il vous plait

I’m in the midst of planning my Little Mouse’s Frozen birthday extravaganza and this is the first year we’ve invited her little friends from daycare. Only the girls and her boyfriend. She begged. She loves him, she said. She needed him to be there. How could I say no? So I carefully attached 13 invitations … More s’il vous plait

Missing Eileen

  Today is the birthday of a dear friend. A friend who I met long ago, when I took a writing course. We bonded over words and cigarettes. We came together, bringing the writing group I had together with the writing group she had into a group of people that still stay in touch. We … More Missing Eileen

Happy memories for International Women’s Day

I had never heard of International Women’s Day until I was 16. I don’t think it was ever spoken about, and it certainly wasn’t ever celebrated. I was on a school trip to Italy and we were in the beautiful city of Florence when I saw women everywhere walking arm in arm, chanting “auguri” or … More Happy memories for International Women’s Day

Separation Anxiety

From an early age, both my girls made friends at their daycare pretty easily. From as early as they could talk, they came home with stories of their friends. Both my husband and I love to hear them talk about their best friends and hear from their teachers that they are always playing together. In … More Separation Anxiety

All dressed up

I love Halloween. Who doesn’t!? It’s an excuse to dress up and have fun. As a kid we would go to my grandparent’s house, and go trick-or-treating there (as we lived in a condo and weren’t allowed to go door to door). After our bags were filled to the brim with treats of all kinds, … More All dressed up