Happy 4th birthday, Little Mouse!

My birthday wish for you…. My Little Mouse. You keep me on my toes, challenge me in ways your big sister never did. Where she was more easy going, you fight us; such as at dinner time and when it was time to clean up. You would be perfectly content with rice and chocolate for … More Happy 4th birthday, Little Mouse!

Squirrels, Geese & Beaver Tails

I have still barely recovered from our annual trip to the cottage. For the past three years, we take a trip to Collingwood with my husband’s sister and her family for a fun-filled week of “relaxation”. I use quotations because anyone in their right mind knows that going anywhere with four kids (aged 3, 5, … More Squirrels, Geese & Beaver Tails

Parents of the year

I wonder if the manufactures of those large wooden swing/play structures take account of how many divorces they are responsible for. I mean, I’m sure many unsuspecting couples with small children have thought, “hey, we have put together IKEA furniture and didn’t kill each other, so let’s buy a swing set for the backyard and … More Parents of the year

Happy Mother’s Day

  #166055609 / gettyimages.com   Motherhood is hard. Anyone who tells you any different is a liar! However, any mother will tell you it is the most rewarding job on the planet. So mothers, we have to stick together. Stop judging each other. Support one another. Share the guts and the glory. With that in … More Happy Mother’s Day

Learning to stay afloat

I never took swimming lessons as a child. My father threw me in the pool at age 7, while on a trip to Florida and taught me how to tread water, float and dive in. By the end of that trip, I was comfortably jumping in the water and swimming in the deep end. And … More Learning to stay afloat