Are you on Facebook? Do you get the “On this day” memories? They basically re-share with you something that you posted last year, two years ago; three years ago…you get the point. I usually get the update, but haven’t received anything worth sharing yet. Until yesterday. Last night, I got a picture of my girls … More Beliebers

Yesterday: Music Monday

You know when you hear a song, that has a classic sample in it, and it brings you back. I mean, way back? Well, the Black Eyed Peas are back with some new music and this song does just that. Their new track Yesterday has more samples than I can count, including the likes of … More Yesterday: Music Monday

Lost and Found

Years ago, when I worked in downtown Toronto for a large financial institution, I used to commute. Before I got married, that commute was about an hour by train, and after I got married and moved just north of the city, that commute was about cut in half. No matter how long I was on … More Lost and Found

Music Monday: Lean On

Summer is meant for rolling the car windows down, and pumping the tunes. My kids love it when we put the music up and drive, wind flowing through their hair. It’s cute to watch. The Little Bird loves when a “mix” is on the radio, when the DJ does a set of songs that blend … More Music Monday: Lean On

Cheerleader: Music Monday

It’s a balmy 11°C in the GTA today, and I’m wearing a long sleeves and a sweater. And it’s June 1st. So I’m thinking warm thoughts and thought I’d play what I think will be the song of the summer, OMI’s Cheerleader. It’s one of the songs that everyone loves when it comes on the … More Cheerleader: Music Monday