I am inspired. I was lucky enough to attend the ShesConnected Conference 2012 this past weekend October 19-20, 2012) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and I met so many great women. What an inspiration. The goal of the conference is to connect “brands and influential digital women.” I was there representing my work, however I have to say that I am personally inspired to really put some effort into my blog.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and seeing how some of these women have taken their own love of writing into a new level is amazing. The world of bloggers (fashion, mommy, family, lifestyle, food and more) is beyond what I even imagined it to be. All these women are passionate about what they do, and it is evident.

The networking that took place was electric! Brands, sponsors and bloggers all interacting and sharing their knowledge with one another was amazing. I was lucky enough to attend one of the sessions and hearing the panel of women speak about approaching brands and how they got to where they are, definitely had my wheels turning.

I am nowhere near the caliber of most of these women, but I can dream, right? I have to start somewhere, right? Well, I’m starting here and now. I am making a promise to myself, if nothing at all, I’m writing again. I miss the joy of sitting down and writing. Letting all the words flow out and onto the page – or screen, is a stress reliever.

Being a mom of two munchkins, volunteering for the parent school council, taking an online course and working full time, sometimes I think I’m nuts, but to be honest, I’ve felt a little calmer since I’ve made a commitment to write.

Representing yourself, along with representing brands is something a child of marketing and journalism could only ever dream of. My goal is to attend the conference next year and go for myself, not my work. My goal is to be there to connect with fellow bloggers and brands to grow my own brand.

Did anyone go to the conference, or want to go next year? I’d love to hear from you.

One response to “Connected”

  1. I went to the conference in October. It was a great experience. I learned so much, met some great people, had a really good time. I’m looking forward to the 2013 conference.


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