Here we are; the start of a new year and I’m feeling pumped and ready to go! I’ve decided it’s time to put a bit more focus on my blog and put myself out there a bit more. In order to do that, I’ve been planning, setting goals and trying to write more often.

It also means taking a closer look at what I want to accomplish.

I want to work with brands and other bloggers that I feel connected to. Blogging, and writing, can be lonely. Sure there are the words on the screen to keep you company, but sitting in a room alone, with my laptop, while the kids are asleep and my husband is in the other room, is lonely.

And while getting into a good story; telling a good story, fuels me. It makes me happy and fulfilled to share my experiences with my readers. But I am looking for more.

I celebrated my 6 year blogaversary this past September. And I can remember, clear as day the moment I started this blog, bawling my eyes out, as I dropped my little bird off to school for her first day. I have my committed, dedicated followers, but it’s time for more. Six years! Guys, that a long time!

So what has changed?

My point of view is the same, or almost the same:

I am a working mom to two girls. Those girls are no longer babies, and aside from coming to grips with that reality, and the fact that I’m on the edge of tweendom (or better yet, the edge of being a mom on a tween), my life is busier now than it ever was.

I commute farther to work, have a more challenging job. I spend more time away from my family, but still have all the responsibilities of running this family as I did before. The girls have more work, more activities and more interests. I have to, as a good mother, foster those interests, help them find their passions and guide them to be responsible, caring, kind, hard-working contributors to society.

You know, there’s not too much pressure, right?


I’m a wife to a hard-working, dedicated, loving husband, who is my rock. He is my foundation and I would be so lost without him.

I’m a daughter to parents who are in the midst of some big life changes. And here is where I’m trying to find my footing. These two people have taken care of me and now it’s my turn.

I’m also a friend, aunt, daughter-in-law and secretary of parent council.

But I’m not here to compete with anyone. I’m merely here to share my story. Hopefully with raw truth, and some humour.

If you’re just getting to know me, welcome. If you already know me, thanks for sticking around. I vow to continue my story and share the highs, the lows, the good, the bad and the ugly. The daily struggles with balancing life and the internal struggles of how I feel all about it.

And of course there will be music. My connection to it, the soundtrack to my life and memories it can stir up on the first beat.


And through all this, I will continue to put myself out there. Reach out to new contacts and brands. I hope to connect with other bloggers who share the same struggles and those who seem to have the answers. Because if I can’t put myself out there and try something new, how can I show my girls to do the same?

I might fail. Heck, I probably will. But I have to try, right?!

So 2018…look out. Because here I come!


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