The bug

The bug has found it’s way in. It’s snuck in and dug itself deep in the crevices of our home. It didn’t seem to bad at first, but soon it reared its ugly head and morphed into the…FLU!! Yup. Everyone seems to have it and it is in so many forms, I don’t know what to do. I feel like hiding under the covers until march! However, that is totally unrealistic and impossible. And so, I have resorted to Lysol, hand washing and prayers.

My little mouse got hit first. She began throwing up. So much so that I found myself in the ER on a Sunday night at 9:30 at night. It broke my heart to see so many kids and babies in the same situation. Their parents and I just exchange a short grimace and nod, as if to say “I get it. I’m in the same situation you are.” Unfortunately, there is no priority for the little kids who are way past their bedtimes, sleeping in pyjamas and winter boots in a florescent lit, over-heated waiting room, on their mothers, with no end insight. It was brutal, however I kept looking at her little face and hoping she could hold out for the next session of throwing up and make it to the room, or I would end up wearing my spring jacket and send my jacket to the dry cleaner. Lucky for me, she slept and wasn’t sick on her mother. Two long hours later, we got moved inside. She of course now found her second wind and enjoyed looking at the Tinkerbell, Cars and Spider-Man wall decals as we waited to be assessed. Once the doctor did come in, she was so good. Considering it was midnight, she seemed more concerned with the baby crying behind the curtain, than the fact that she wasn’t snug in her crib with her stuffed friends around her.

She received meds to stop the vomiting and successfully drank some water without side-effect, we got to leave. She made me laugh when we got home at 1:00 a.m. and she asked “where is everybody?” Not understanding that they were sleeping.

She has recovered nicely since then, however the bug found a new home with my little mouse. The good news about having the flu make its was from one child to the next? It seems to be weakening. The storm is losing concentration. So while my 4 year old has missed school the whole week, she is fighting a version of the flu that is knocking her out, giving her headaches, but thankthelord no vomit.

So as we seem to be seeing the sunrise on the end of the bug, I admit I’m holding my breath a little in hopes that it didn’t find a home in my husband and I. And if it does, I really really hope that we don’t both get bit at the same time. Because that would truly suck. In the meantime, I have new stocks in Lysol disinfectant spray and antibacterial hand wash.

Now we are looking for the opportunity to get to the walk in for the flu shot. While it is something that we get annually, since this house has had colds and coughs and nasal infections since Halloween, we never got the chance. Trust me though, the lesson is learned and next year we’re getting it when it first comes out. The flu isn’t worth the risk.

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